Temporary Tattoos

No pain. No commitment. No regrets. Only temporary bad decisions.

Existing Collections*

Choose any design from the collections below to get as a temporary tattoo. Contact me to arrange a tattooing session or for questions.

*Only for Wellington-based.

Personalised Design*

For a Custom temporary tattoo, contact me to discuss design and tattooing session. Please note any custom temporary tattoo will have to follow my artistic style. If I judge that what you are looking for it too far from my style I will be able to refuse inking.

*Only for Wellington-based.

✔ Ink by Inkbox made with natural ingredients

✔ Not tested on animals

✔ Water-resistant

✔ Last 8-10 Days depending on your skin & location


Based on size & complexity. From $22 for a minimal design up to $28 for a more complex one. Prices may vary for bigger pieces (e.g. full arm or full back).

All prices are in NZD.

Worldwide Temporary Tattoos*

You can find some of my design available for worldwide shipping on Inkbox website.


*With this purchase you will NOT get a digital copy (.jpeg). This is NOT a permission to use it as a permanent tattoo. Once a purchase is made, the chosen design will still be available for temporary tattoo purchases and is not permitted to be copied or used by any other party without a written permission.

Design for Permanent Tattoos

Tattoo Permission

This permission grants you **non-exclusive right and one time only use of the chosen image for the purpose of reproducing it as a permanent tattoo. Permission is also granted for smaller modification of the image to accommodate vision and satisfaction of your tattoo artist or yourself.


You can find available designs here or on my Instagram gallery. I kindly ask you to contact me with a picture/screenshot of your preferred design or if you have any concerns regarding this subject before you make a purchase.

Personalised Design

If you want an original and unique design made just for you, please get in touch with me.


Permission and Personalised Design from $55 and can vary depending on size & complexity.

All prices are in NZD.

With those purchases you will get a digital copy (.jpeg) of a chosen design via email, as well as a written permission to use it as a tattoo via, which you can show to your tattoo artist. Once a purchase is made, the chosen design is no longer available for tattoo purchases and is not permitted to use by any other person.


**A non-exclusive right means that I still maintain the full right to my artwork, and I can publicly showcase it, make prints, pins, magnets or other products for selling purposes if I wish. The image may not be used by any other party and you may only print it as a tattoo template, but you may not sell it, modify it, make copies or use it for other purposes without written permission from me.