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Please allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Maureen Placente and work under my artist name “La Chapardeuse”.

Originally from France, I’m currently living and working in New Zealand. I’m a twenty-something illustrator and Graphic Designer. I’m also a photographer in my free time.

My work is hard to categorise in a specific type as it is in constant change. Which to me make sense as we all evolve, improve and change with time. I allow my style to change as I do. I always seek something new, something that will unfold my emotions in a simple, yet complex way.

La Chapardeuse

La Chapardeuse is the French name for “pilferer”. This name suits me in specific way. As an artist, I am consistency seek visual stimulation. Inspiration  is all around us, through nature, people, social media, books, art show, talks but mostly in the small things of daily life. Like the way my milk will interact with my tea or the ray of sunlight on my breakfast’s plate. I literally grab those inspiration to nourish my artwork. I put my own expression and passion behind every artwork to make it mine.


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Please get in touch regarding customised artwork, tattoo commission or if you want to collaborate with me. I'd love to hear from you.